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Christmas Gift Guide

Get ready for Halloween 2024 with our curated collection of 15 one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts from Metal3dpuzzles. Make this holiday season truly unforgettable. All of them are three-dimensional metal puzzles, yet they all have unique highlights.

These unique 3D puzzle model kits have a steampunk style and will bring a smile to your loved ones. Perfect for craft fans, home design enthusiasts, or anyone who loves iron.

What Will You Get?

When you buy a 3D metal puzzle, you can get the following things:

  1. A complete 3D puzzle model kit.
  2. A set of assembly tools. (For example, screws and screwdrivers)
  3. A thorough set of assembly instructions. Don't worry about not being able to finish the 3D puzzle. The instructions will guide you through each step to make sure you put it together easily."


Start Your DIY Journey

Following delivery of the kit, you can begin your do-it-yourself project by following these steps:

First, sort the parts.

Please ensure all of your pieces are complete and everything is present before beginning the assembly. Next, group these components into distinct categories to make assembly easier later.

Step 2: Get the Assembly Started

You can begin the do-it-yourself assembly by using screws and screwdrivers by the comprehensive instructions provided.

Step 3: Have Fun and Show Off

Once you finish the assembly, you can enjoy this beautiful 3D puzzle. It can be given as a present to someone else or utilized as décor to place wherever you like. A handcrafted present is invariably more meaningful.


15 Different 3D Metal Puzzles

Explore the various models and styles available in these fifteen 3D puzzle model kits, including models of animals, insects, Santa, and even a V8 engine!

Skeleton 3D Model Kits

This robust and long-lasting 3D puzzle, made of stainless steel alloy material, skillfully captures the shape and details of the skeleton model. Allow this mechanical skull model to infuse Christmas and Halloween with a steampunk vibe!



Red Fox Model Kits

This red fox 3D puzzle has transparent red plastic for its head and tail, creating a veil of mystery. The fox's head and tail are moveable, so you can position it differently to create new visual effects. The fox's overall appearance is vivacious and harmonic. Ideal for people who enjoy adorable animals.


Tiger 3D Model Kits

The 3D model kit of a tiger takes inspiration from the Bengal tiger, the largest and most endangered species of tiger globally. It is constructed from vibrantly plated metal parts. The animal's ready-to-attack, dominant attitude is demonstrated by its tilted tail. It is the perfect present for people who adore dominant animals.


European Dragon Model Kits

We chose to get the European dragon model kits because, although there are many different kinds of dragons, the European dragon is the model that inspired this one. The phoenix and dragon are both symbols of bravery and encouragement.

This European dragon model kit's playability is greatly enhanced with two pairs of gray and vibrant, colorful wings. Two wings equal twice the fun. With a pedestal to showcase its motion and intricate detailing, the constructed dragon is perpetually in the air.


Dinosaur 3D Model Kits

If children are interested in 3D dinosaurs, use this purple dinosaur 3D model kit. The mouth, leg joints, and all metal components are polished to prevent hand fatigue. Adjusting the mouth and leg joints, you can display any desired postures and motions on your desktop or in your bedroom. Get your child a 3D model kit of a dinosaur right away!


Butterfly 3D Puzzle Kit

This butterfly kit has adjustable joints and wing structures. Kids can use it to create a beautiful display and examine the details of butterfly wings up close. It's a fun way for children to learn about the beauty of butterflies and how their wings are made.

It's a fun way for children to learn about the beauty of butterflies and how their wings are constructed. Its wings, which resemble a blue lightning bolt and are highly eye-catching, are perfect for kids who adore beautiful butterflies.


Red Ladybug Model Kits

The back of the ladybug features an exquisite pattern fashioned like a red coral. The stainless steel metal piece resembles jewelry with its red flower design and diamond-like brilliance. The ladybug model kits can be used as a pendant and decoration or as a brooch after they are put together. Ideal as a present for females!



Purple Scorpion King Model Kits

This 3D puzzle, made of stainless steel, exquisitely captures the grandeur and dominance of the Scorpion King through metal. It accurately depicts the Scorpion King's torso, legs, tail, and needle-like tail stinger. This model kit is perfect for people who enjoy enigmatic and mysterious things. The color purple makes the Scorpion King seem more threatening and mysterious.


Spider 3D Puzzle

In addition to being a 3D model of a spider with moveable joints, this puzzle also features a Bluetooth stereo that can play music through the spider's abdomen. The size of the wolf spider is 16 x 14 x 14 cm. You can use a TF memory card or a Bluetooth connection to play Christmas music when the holidays roll around. It's a stereo and a toy, making it the ideal Christmas present for your loved ones!


Wasp 3D Metal Puzzle

It has two wings and tail pins to mix and match to make a custom three-dimensional wasp. To make this fascinating mechanical wasp more playable, you may add voice-activated light modules to its eyes and belly and moveable joints.


Insects 3D Metal Puzzle

This Christmas gift box has seven metal insect models. The models include dragonflies, wasps, deck bugs, mosquitoes, bees, and an unidentified insect.

Each day, you can open a new 3D metal puzzle of an insect. This adds to the mystery and suspense.

You can open a new 3D metal puzzle of an insect every day, adding to the mystery and suspense. A comprehensive collection of several insect-themed 3D Metal puzzles presented in an exquisite visual box, ideal for giving as a Christmas present!


Christmas Santa Guitarist Model Kits

combining the guitarist persona with Santa's outfit with a helmet intended to serve as a night light. This Christmas present is very creative. It has vibrant ambient lights that change color automatically. The lights change when a button is pressed. It is sure to be the most creative gift of the year. With the ability to alter all body joints into any configuration, this 3D puzzle makes a perfect Christmas gift!


Santa Claus in the Forest Kinetic Model Kits

This Santa Claus 3D metal model kit has a light-up feature powered by a slow-speed motor. Santa Claus will sway from side to side, and the lights will change as the motor is driven. This little gadget adds beauty and coziness to your Christmas décor and is a great STEM educational toy. Get it for your children!


Kinetic Dragonfly Model Kits 

This invention, consisting of a blue dragonfly and a transmission device, may mimic the flight principle of real dragonflies by vibrating the dragonfly's wings up and down once completed, much like the dragonflies that soar in a garden. This 3D metal puzzle is also ideal for STEM education and dragonfly enthusiasts.


V8 Engine Model Kits That Works

Eat, sleep, and use Metal3dpuzzles to develop a V8 engine. This V8 engine is constructed from hundreds of metal parts and is fashioned like a real V8 engine. If you follow the comprehensive directions, you can build an engine independently. As it operates, it dramatically enhances the assembly's fun. This model may mimic the operation of a genuine engine and be a fantastic 3D metal puzzle. Ideal present for anyone who loves engines! Together, let's assemble your own V8 engine kits.


Check out the 15 3D metal puzzles above if you still need help with what to get your loved ones for Christmas. With so many different styles and shapes of 3D puzzle model kits, you're sure to find the perfect one! Here are all 15 of the Christmas gifts from Moyustore!

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