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Steampunk Octopus Metal Model Kits

The top 10 metal assembly model kit presents for do-it-yourselfers are shown below. You will enjoy this if you have an ardor for creating elaborate models and enjoy the difficulty of combining metal parts. The best metal assembly model kits that will capture your imagination and offer hours of joyful artistry have been carefully chosen and presented in this blog. These kits provide the ideal balance of creativity, accuracy, and fulfillment for novice and experienced DIY enthusiasts. Prepare to delve into metal assembling models and find the perfect present for a loved one or yourself.

Cobra Snake Model (1000+PCS), 

 Get ready to be mesmerized by the Cobra Snake Model's fantastic craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. With its many features, this gorgeous model kit will wow you and improve your model-building endeavors.

The delicate details of a real snake are mimicked by an incredibly lifelike design. Everything about it, from the flexible joints to the scale-like body, has been expertly designed to give it an alluring snake-like appearance that would wow even the pickiest observer. Your awareness of snake anatomy and mechanics will deepen as you progress, adding to your extensive knowledge of these fantastic animals. Prepare yourself for endless hours of creativity, enjoyment, and a feeling of achievement as you bring this fascinating creature to life.


2 Flying Centipede Model (480+PCS), 

 They are presenting the unique Flying Centipede Model. The centipede inspires this one-of-a-kind model and has an eye-catching appearance that captures the essence of this fascinating creature.

With two pairs of antennae in the head and tail, 19 pairs of feet on each side, and 20 links making up its complete body, this model expertly replicates the unique appearance of a centipede. When put together, the soft centipede may move in all directions. It is easily positioned on scene decorations, coiled around your body, and maneuvered into awkward spaces. You can experiment with its infinite options for play and interaction, discovering its adaptability.

The Flying Centipede Model is a fun toy that can surprise and amuse others. It is also a lovely present for fans of insects and mechanical structures. Take advantage of this fantastic offer!


3 Anglerfish Model (700+PCS)

 This captivating Anglerfish Model exhibits superb artistry and an incredibly lifelike appearance. The bright gradient of colored light bulbs at the tips of its tentacles highlights its ferocious nature. Its remarkable appearance is enhanced by adding leather fins, 24-pointed, inward-pointing fangs, and bloodshot red eyes.

This model's articulated structure enables the creation of customizable positions. You may fine-tune the assembled mouth, side fins, and tail fins. The Anglerfish Model seems to float in the air when the base stand is attached, mimicking its elegant movement underwater.

Explore the fascinating world of the Anglerfish Model and fall under its spellbinding charm. 

4 Rhino Model (700+PCS)

 Prepare to be astounded by the incredible Metal Rhino Model. Through its distinct look and precise construction, this model effectively conveys the spirit of a rhino. The muscular physique radiates strength and dominance, especially with the robust metal horn on the head. The laser guns and colorful lights covering the back add a visually striking touch. With the head detachable, you can reveal a hidden surprise that turns this model into a cute little triceratops. This feature's adaptability makes the assembly procedure much more exciting and enjoyable.

Use the Metal Rhino Model's power and elegance to expand the scope of your collection.


5 Skeleton Model (200+PCS),


 Take on a thrilling assembling adventure with the Skeleton Model. This model is made with precision from stainless steel alloy material, which enhances its sturdiness and longevity. It also displays excellent craftsmanship. The skeleton's peculiar style is expertly rendered, emphasizing its shape and distinguishing characteristics.

This model's unique characteristic is that it assembles without adhesive. Just attach the screws to the parts as shown in the assembly diagram. This increases the general fun and satisfaction of the do-it-yourself project and guarantees a secure connection. The assembly process, which involves an average of more than 200 parts, will test your patience and expertise while providing a unique and fulfilling experience.


6 Werewolf Model (2000+PCS)


 The Metal Assembly Werewolf Model is necessary if you enjoy detailed metal models and mystical animals. This magnificent model is expertly fashioned from an alloy of stainless steel, which offers strength and longevity. Assembling the Metal Assembly Werewolf Model is a captivating and fulfilling activity, with an average of more than 2000 parts. Time and patience are needed, but the outcome is well worth it. You can admire the expertise in constructing this masterpiece at every assembly stage, from precisely aligning complex embellishments to putting little components in.

The Metal Assembly Werewolf Model represents mythology, strength, and power and is a stunning example of craftsmanship. Whether you're a fan of werewolf mythology or a metal model collector, this finely detailed figure will capture your interest.


7 Large Dragon Model (2030+PCS)


 Let's investigate the intriguing realm of the Large Dragon Model, a distinctive and avant-garde invention that blends a punk aesthetic with the ancient beast. The magnificent dragon, a classic representation of strength and knowledge, serves as the model for the Large Dragon. This sculpture perfectly encapsulates the essence of the most iconic totem by combining multiple features, including the snake body, antlers, alligator head, eagle claws, and catfish. The designers have chosen the lucky cloud pattern to give the impression that the dragon is riding the mist and climbing the clouds. This attention to detail creates an air of mystery and wonder.

For a tiny $299.99, you may now immerse yourself in the fantastical realm and craft your dragon narrative.


8 Octopus Model (2400PCS+)


With the Octopus Model, explore mechanical wonders and unleash your imagination. With its movable and adjustable tentacles, the Octopus Model lets you strike a variety of exciting stances. With its five-claw retractable petal construction, the head can move realistically in all directions, mimicking the elegant gait of an octopus.

With cutting-edge 3D printing technology, this model has a realistic look and a texture like stars. You may adjust the 16 monochrome changes via touch, tapping, or remote control to suit your tastes in lighting effects. With a button battery that lasts over six months, you may enjoy the captivating light of this model for a considerable amount of time.

This model is likely to amaze and delight, whether it is used for a personal project or given as a special present.


9 Scorpion Model (200PCS+)


 We are introducing the Scorpion Model, our most recent innovation. By incorporating vivid colors, we have elevated metal to a new level and produced a striking visual impression. This sculpture is a stunning example of the flawless confluence of art and technology, combining elements of mechanics and military machines.

This model's precision-crafted, precisely polished stainless-steel surface offers a smooth and cozy sensation. It takes two to three hours of concentrated effort to assemble this scorpion with over two hundred well-crafted pieces. Please do not be alarmed; our comprehensive, step-by-step English instructions will help you quickly complete the task. With the Scorpion Model, indulge in the world of metal model making. Its spectacular design, fine detailing, and the joy of creating something by hand will surely make an impact. Take advantage of this special offer; order yours now!


10 Bengal Tiger Model (700PCS+)

 Take on an exciting do-it-yourself project using our Bengal Tiger Model. Constructed from metal components coated in color, this mechanical tiger possesses a certain charm due to its vibrant colors. It appears to be armored assault cannon barrels, poised to fire at any time, thanks to the inclusion of blue and red light bulbs on the shoulders. Its flipped tail indicates that it is prepared for combat. This model has over 700 well-constructed parts and will test your spatial awareness and assembling abilities. Take six to eight hours to explore the complexities of life and civilization while submerging yourself in the mechanical world.

This model serves as a reminder of the significance of safeguarding our environment. It was inspired by the magnificent Bengal tiger, the most enormous tiger in the world and a symbol of an endangered species. It draws attention to the necessity of protecting the environment and maintaining these fantastic animals.




We hope you enjoyed our tour through Metal3dpuzzle's top ten presents for metal assembly model kits. Every kit on display here provides a different experience, letting you explore your imagination and improve your assembly abilities. These model kits will astound novice and expert builders with their realistic features and sophisticated patterns. Why then wait? These fantastic metal assembly model kits will inspire you to construct something truly unique for your next do-it-yourself project. Remember to show off your creations and encourage others to enjoy creating them. Happy putting together

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