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10 Different Dragons, How Much Do You Know About It?

Red Dragon

Of all the dragons, red dragons are the most avaricious. They are constantly searching for methods to add to their holdings. Red dragons are incredibly self-assured, as evidenced by their haughty manner and disdainful looks. Red dragons have broader, thicker scales that are as hard as metal as they get older. With age, the red dragon's pupils will shrink until its eyes resemble lava balls. Red dragons construct their lairs in sulfurous caves located far below the surface of the earth. Red dragons, on the other hand, can see everything below because they have a higher resting location. Silver dragons and red dragons are frequently sworn foes. Red dragons, especially their young elves or humans, love flesh. Occasionally, the red dragon would entice naive villages to regularly offer maiden sacrifices. The red dragon will quickly choose whether to attack and, if it does, will select a workable strategy as soon as it locates the victim. Flame breath should only be employed against more formidable foes; claw and bite attacks are meant for lesser opponents. Fire is the primary dragon breath.

Black dragon

The black dragon is well-known for being the biggest and strongest of the five colored dragons. Black dragons are cunning and easily angered. Their eye sockets are deeply set, and the skin around their cheekbones and at the base of their horns progressively ages. Black dragons have smooth, small, and thin scales when they first hatch. As they become older, these scales get thicker, darker, and larger, which helps black dragons blend in better with their swamp surroundings. Typically, black dragons construct their foul-smelling homes in expansive, moist caverns found in swamps or dungeons with numerous chambers. Black dragons forage for fresh flesh, however they mostly devour aquatic species. Black dragons frequently use their environment as cover to leap on their prey, and they attempt to stay under the water or on the ground while engaged in combat in swampy areas of dense forests because the woodlands can hinder their ability to fly. However, the black dragon will take off if you are unable to defeat the adversary.

No human is willing to battle a black dragon in the dark of night as the night is the black dragon's domain.

The black dragon's primary dragon breath is acid because, while its flame ability is strong in battle, acid is also its killer. Among all the enormous dragons, the black dragon has the strongest melee attack, and even the golden dragon is unwilling to engage in combat with a black dragon. The green dragon's magic ability and this one are nearly identical. The black dragon is quite fond of gold and silver treasures, and it is always able to locate golden treasures in its dragon lair. However, the treasures are merely a collection and cannot be used. The risk is above the red dragon, even though the black dragon is ranked lower. While some black dragons are accustomed to leaving wounds from battle, others have a unique hobby that involves collecting the armor and weapons of the enemy they defeat. Before murdering someone, older black dragons would occasionally seize them and inquire where their gold, silver, and platinum coins are kept.


Being one of the five-colored dragons, it has a very strong sense of territory. Of all the dragons, they are the best at excavating. Large ears and a solitary horn at the tip of their nose make blue dragons easily recognized. Their coloration varies from vivid sky blue to rich indigo on their scales. Due to a strong electrostatic impact that is substantially amplified when the blue dragon is angry and fills the air with the scent of ozone and sand, their skins frequently crackle endlessly. The blue dragon frequently flies over the desert, its body color blending into the sky, or sometimes hides in the sand and gravel of the desert, only revealing a little portion of its head. Gems, particularly sapphires, are a favored food of blue dragons, who construct their lairs in expansive underground tunnels. Comels are the blue dragon's favorite food; they roast them like lightning and gorge themselves on them. Blue dragons typically wait to strike from above or below until their target is within 100 feet of them. Elderly blue dragons employ a variety of unique skills to improve the raid's success percentage. Blue dragons view retreat as a sign of cowardice and only leave battle if they are severely hurt. Thunder and lightning are the primary dragon breaths.

Sapphire Dragon

Sapphire dragons are fierce protectors of their domain, and they particularly detest other dragons that trespass into their sphere of influence, be it the Material Plane or the Elemental Earth. Sapphire dragons dislike dealing with any race, particularly the wicked creatures found in the Underdark, and occasionally they engage in direct combat with them over territorial disputes. These dragons don't usually engage in small talk unless it pertains to military strategy, an area in which they see themselves as specialists, if not absolute geniuses. In fact, the Sapphire Dragon might be more receptive to the outsider if they can introduce a competitive military strategy game to the Dragon. Of course, it would be highly foolish if the outsider causes the Dragon to lose. The sapphire dragon's scales range in color from light blue to dark blue, and they reflect light in all directions, giving the stone walls of their daily habitats the appearance of a dazzling cascade. Brightness. A sapphire dragon's scales do not deteriorate with age, in contrast to other dragon species, but its pupils do.

Although they prefer to live in deep, dry tunnels on the Material Plane, sapphire dragons are more at home on the Elemental Plane of Earth. Typically, sapphire dragons conceal cave openings by stone-shaping and geomotion. It will disperse the treasures it finds inside the cave into different stone halls and arrange them artistically. Trophies from aboleths, illithids, or drow are frequently positioned in conspicuous places to serve as a reminder of and display historical triumphs over these enemies. The Sapphire Dragon will sneak up on the adversary using the "Spider Walk" or "Teleportation" maneuver. Its sonic breath attack has the ability to harm and disorient the adversary.

Green Dragon

The toothy jaws and elevated horned crowns of green dragons conceal their aggressive character, despite their tremendous intelligence. Green dragons get more assimilated into the forest ecosystem as they become older because their scales get bigger and lighter and their color shifts to an olive or emerald green. The older and greater the forest, the more suited it is for green dragons to create their dens. Green dragons prefer to live in caverns on the edges of cliffs or mountainsides, and the strong chlorine odor of their dens makes them easy to spot. Dragons green devour everything. A green dragon will strike any creature, no matter how mildly provoked or not. The green dragon has an odd personality, yet it is not without kindness. The green dragon prefers to employ magic in battle because the forest is unsuitable for hand-to-hand combat; yet, opponents who underestimate their prowess in hand-to-hand combat have already paid a heavy price. The green dragon will follow an adversary for a while in order to determine the best time and strategy for an attack if they appear cunning or challenging to defeat. The green dragon will just show up if the opponent appears weak. They will use "intimidation" or "hinting" to subdue the humanoid and extract all the information they require. Dragon breath mostly consists of acid or poison.

Green Emerald Dragon

Naturally inquisitive, green jade dragons have a keen interest in the past and traditions of many locations. They frequently possess greater local knowledge than the wisest sages. Talking to this dragon is quite challenging, though, as they are also highly skeptical. An emerald dragon's scales are transparent sea green when it is young, but as it gets older, they harden and take on a range of green hues, from deep emerald to mint, even in the faintest of light. These scales glimmer in the light as well. As the emerald dragon ages, its pupils eventually disappear, and at its oldest, its eyes take on the appearance of shimmering green spheres. Emerald dragons prefer to reside close to locations where certain civilization races have established, but not too close to be noticed.

Emerald dragons on the Material Plane construct lairs atop dormant volcanoes and rear their offspring there. The lair of emerald dragons is full with traps, and they do not trust strangers very much. The jade dragon will hide first if they don't deter intruders; nevertheless, if its treasures or pups are in danger, it will emerge to attack. Before launching a charge assault or lifting their opponent into the air, emerald dragons typically employ the "cloud spell" to blind their adversary. Of all the gem dragons, emerald dragons have the lowest likelihood of engaging in close battle until their adversaries are totally outmatched. A cone of sound energy, the Emerald Dragon's breath momentarily deafens the target. For an added layer of protection, the oldest emerald dragon can employ the spell-like ability "Shield of Early Warning" to perceive what lies ahead.

White dragon

The white dragon has the lowest IQ of the five colored dragons and the lowest ranking among them. Of all the dragons, it is the tiniest and weakest. White dragons can grow to be over 50 meters long as adults. The majority of white dragons are merely ferocious predators. Their facial expressions convey a strong but uncomplicated nature, lacking the cunning of other dragons. Typically, a white dragon's lair is an underground ice cave that is shielded from the sun. They keep valuables in ice caverns that reflect the light from the diamonds. Diamonds are especially beloved by White Dragons. Like other dragons, white dragons can consume nearly anything, however they have an odd quirk where they can only eat frozen food. The white dragon will consume its frozen corpse after murdering its victim with its frigid breath. The Frost Giant is the adversary of the White Dragon. White dragons enjoy surprising their targets by leaping from great heights or making abrupt appearances in the snow, under the ice, or at the bottom of the ocean. Ice is the primary dragon breath.

Silver dragon

Silver dragons are beautiful and regal in appearance, and they are eager to help those good creatures in genuine need. When silver dragons interact with humans, they frequently transform into lovely maidens or compassionate old men. The power they wield can be divided into two categories: the power of space and the power of metal. The power of space is largely utilized in magic acts. The silver dragon is said to be a skilled space wizard. Until it happens practically instantly, you never know where it will come in the next instant or how long it will stay in one spot. Measurement Slash is an unavoidable phenomenon. As it gets older, the silver dragon's scales will get brighter and brighter and its pupils' hue will get lighter and lighter. During the oldest stage, the eyeballs resemble balls of mercury. High altitudes, like solitary mountain peaks or areas shrouded in fog and clouds, are preferred by silver dragons for the construction of their lairs. They usually have a little hint of rain on them.

Silver dragons frequently build close connections with mortals and appear to have a great fondness for the human form. Silver dragons enjoy eating human food, which is a constant source of nutrition for them. Red and silver dragons frequently conflict because they nest in comparable settings. Their interactions are frequently violent and fatal. Silver dragons don't have particularly fierce attitudes, and they won't charge into combat unless their enemies are exceedingly malevolent or blatantly offensive. They utilize the "cloud spell" to make their opponent invisible before hitting, and they also use the "anti-gravity" to send them hurtling through the air.

Brass Dragon

Talkative and articulate, brass dragons occasionally impart some important information, but usually only after prolonged periods of light talk and persistent prodding to give it a gift. As a brass dragon ages, its pupils darken until they resemble molten metal balls. Brass dragons spend most of their time in the desert sun, where they enjoy the dry heat. They smell strongly of sand and metal. They prefer to excavate tall burrows for their dens. Although they typically eat very little, brass dragons can eat nearly anything. They can obtain their nutrients from the morning dew. Because the blue and brass dragons share the same environment, the blue dragon poses the greatest threat to the former. In a one-on-one fight, the bigger blue dragon will come out on top. As a result, brass dragons typically avoid conflict with other dragons before striking to surround themselves with allies. Speaking with explorers is more appealing to brass dragons than engaging in combat. When under danger, younger brass dragons will fly out of sight and hide in the sand, while more experienced brass dragons would strive to outfight their opponents.

Bronze Dragon

Being highly curious, bronze dragons frequently change into amiable, little creatures to watch explorers enter their domain. They are enthralled with the idea of fighting, and frequently want to enlist in the army to uphold justice and receive a handsome salary. Bronze dragons have smooth, smooth scales and webbed feet, making them excellent swimmers. Their eyes are like bright green balls when they are the oldest. Bronze dragons like to dwell close to deeper freshwater or saltwater environments, and they frequently descend to the bottom of the water to cool off or to look for pearls and hidden riches. Bronze dragons like to live in caves that are only accessible by water, yet their lair's interior is always dry. Bronze dragons consume aquatic plants and animals, particularly shark flesh, and their bodies smell like seawater. Because they dislike killing, bronze dragons employ "detection thoughts" to ascertain the motivations of sentient beings. The bronze dragon will sprint in battle after using "cloud and mist" to obstruct the enemy's vision. They use their tails to pound the hull or call out storms to oppose enemies navigating at sea.

Giant Dragon

The dragon is the biggest, strongest, smartest, and most hostile of all the dragons. Dragons develop quickly and are born the size of adult dragons of other kinds. The dragons' scales get bigger and thicker as they mature, becoming as strong as metal and impervious to damage from weapons. It is possible to spray ice, lightning, and dragon flames. It also has a unique feature called "Dragon Roar," which uses the enormous energy that the roar produces to completely demolish anything in its path. It uses its "Dragon Might" to frighten away creatures lacking confidence before attacking, and it then chooses the best attack strategy according on the quantity and power of the adversary.

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