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What are 3D Metal Model Kits?

They are offered for sale on websites that sell model kits and in hobby stores. Nearly everything has been turned into a metal model kit, including buildings, action figures, vehicles, trucks, airplanes, and trains. You can even get a 3D model kit for it.

A 3D model kit is a laser-cut, small 3D model made from premium steel sheets. With pieces cut from one or more 4" square steel sheets, each model has incredible detail. These kits come with comprehensive, simple-to-follow instructions and don't require any glue or sanding.

Continue reading to find out more about these metal models.

What Are 3D Metal Models Made From?

High-quality, extremely thin steel sheets that are incredibly detailed are used to create 3D model kits. The laser etching is applied to one or more four-inch square sheets of thin metal. They don't need to be painted, soldered, or glued.

The allure of this kind of model kit is just that. The parts are easily taken from the sheets since there are one to six extremely thin, precisely laser-cut sheets.

Where Can You Buy 3D Metal Models?

The majority of physical stores, hobby shops, and the internet sell 3D model kits. Excellent selection available on Amazon, with free shipping for Prime members. They can also be purchased on Wish, Ali Express, and Ebay.

Metal Earth's official online distributor is Innovatoys. They carry all Metal Earth lines and have an excellent inventory, making this a terrific location to buy with a wide selection. They provide outstanding service, very cheap cost, and free shipping.

Many Metal Earth models are available on Amazon, and shipping is free with a Prime membership.

eBay is a great place to find these kits, as always. If you want to buy more than one kit at a time, you can buy surplus models that are being sold cheaply, uncommon, hard to find models, and occasionally by the lot.

If you download their applications, Ali Express or Wish are wonderful places to get them. You should be aware of the quality as these companies can use some different brands than you are used to. Before making a purchase, I would check the ratings and reviews.

What Do Earth Model Kits Cost?

Like other model kits, you can start with some very cheap kits and work your way up to the larger, simpler kits, which start at about $10.00. The most costly will be sets of four kits costing more than $100.00.